Why Update Your Device Estate to Windows 10 Pro?
Windows 7 will no longer be supported by Microsoft after January 14th 2020. Devices that continue using Windows 7 will continue to run, however as they will receive no further updates they could end up being vulnerable to attacks. This can be very dangerous for organisations as if anything went wrong with the business-critical systems, unpatched software won't offer full protection - leaving the equipment wide open to data breaches and cyber attacks. Every PC older than 4 years can cost you more than £1,300 a year in maintenance, repairs and lost productivity compared to modern Windows 10 Pro devices. It can leave you open to cyber-attacks and data breaches that affect almost 50% of UK businesses. Sources: Why Microsoft for today's workforce?Small Businesses - Newer PCs Positively Impact Productivity and Reduce Operating CostCyber Security Breaches 2017
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