Getting set up to work from home

Getting set up to work from home

Remote working is no new thing, but coronavirus will see more people than ever look to their dining room table or spare room as their workspace for the foreseeable future.

The spread of coronavirus is forcing more and more people to work from home in a countrywide bid to slow the spread of the pandemic and businesses are making provisions, where possible, to make this happen.

If your business is looking to make the switch to remote work in the coming weeks, we have the technology and equipment to make this transition quickly and easily.

Refurbished laptops

A lot of people already now work from a laptop in the office, but there are still a large number of people using desktop computers and monitors. We have a range of refurbished laptops set up and ready to plug in and go, which makes the transition smooth and manageable.


So many people are used to being able to extend their smaller computer or laptop screen to a second monitor. We can provide touchscreen and LED monitors of various sizes up to 65”, offering a fantastic resolution and an adjustable stand with tilt options.


A lot of people use headsets at their desks and there is even more reason to use one to keep focus in the home when other distractions may be going on around you.


Many rely on the trusted mouse to make desktop navigation easy; we always ask our customers if they require a mouse adding to their order.


Again, it’s important that while your working surroundings may be somewhat different, your tools are very much the same as you would use in a normal office environment. We can make this happen.

If you need support and advice on the transition from office to home working, call us on 01282 798256 or email

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